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Movement Spec.-Select your own movement, Seiko PC21S with Miyota 2035

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When design your own watch, the most important part is select your movement, the movement is the watch engine, baterry is the power the oil.

This post will tell your about the standard quartz movement knowledge.

The below movement spec. from Seiko and Miyota. Today we will tell about the difference of Seiko PC21s and Miyota 2035 standard.

Seiko PC21S Miyota 2035-10A 2035-10G Super 2035
Price Cheap Low Medium High
Mattery Plastic Metal Metal Metal
Color Black plastic Two sides all gold One side silver one gold Two sides all gold
Battery life 2 Years 3 Years 3 Years 4Years
Accuracy ±20 Seconds/Month ±20 Seconds/Month ±20 Seconds/Month ±15 Seconds/Month

From the compare form, we can see that if you don’t have enough budget, PC21S is the best choice, for two year battery life and 20 second accuracy. Normally this movement set in alloy watch, have really cheap price and quality good enough. choose it! choose it! it will help you save money. It is good enough.

If you have enough budget, you can choose 2035, god! 3 years battery and 20 seconds accuracy, most brand stainless steel quartz watch choose this movement, for it have resonable price and stable quality. If you want to make a stainless steel watch, don’t hesitate, choose it!!

The other two gold 2035, forget it, unless you need a 4 year battery, it is damn expensive. But to be honest, it is good looking. So maybe the good looking girl friend is more expensive.

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